The Facility
3 Floors dedicated to mixed martial arts & fitness

   Opening times
  • Monday - Thursday 7am - 10pm
  • Friday 7am - 9pm
  • Saturday - Sunday 9am - 4pm
Floor One
Floor one boasts a huge area spanning over 5,000sq ft and has a range of equipment, perfect for everyone whether you want to gain muscle and size, lose weight, keep fit or want to condition yourself for competition... we have everything you need!
Floor Two
Floor two has everything you need to start learning new practical skills, whether you want to just get fit or you want to compete. Floor two features a full size competition cage, 24ft Boxing ring and a large matted area ready for all our classes.
Floor Three
Floor Three is our functional training floor that is designed be versatile so no one workout has to be the same. There are many benefits to (Suspension Training), It doesn’t matter if you’re the most elite athlete or just someone looking to shed some pounds, (suspension training) can help you achieve any goal you may have.