Good luck to the UTC warriors this weekend

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Good luck to the UTC warriors this weekend

This weekend sees 3 of UTC finest go to battle. UTC's Fabian Edwards is out to make another statement when he takes on Louis King at BAMMA 33 this weekend, out of Fabian's 12 fights he has only gone to distance once with most of his opponents not making it out the first round.

Joining Fabian on the BAMMA 33 card is UTC fighter Aaron Chalmers who has made headlines on both of his last fights at BAMMA finishing both opponents in the first round, in devastating fashion.

UTC's Alice Ardelean will be travelling a little further than her team mates this weekend as she fly's out today to Germany ready to take on Samira El Khawad at GMC 13.

We would like to wish all the UTC fighters good luck this weekend.

News added : 14th December 2017